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Direct To Consumer
Store Management

Selling direct to consumer has its huge advantages including up to 475% improved margins by cutting out the middle man. The benefits of this include having full control over your brands presence in the online marketplaces.

We handle everything for you from helping you get your brand registered on Amazon, all the way to helping with logistics and fulfillment.

We will manage your entire store for you, including receiving your products at our warehouse, prepping them for sale, and shipping them into Amazons fulfillment centers. Additionally we will manage all relationships with Amazon to ensure a completely hands off approach for your brand, while significantly increasing your brands bottom line profitability.

Services - Wholesale Distribution - Store Maanagement - eCom Solutions
Services - Wholesale Distribution - Store Maanagement - eCom Solutions

Data Driven
Wholesale Distribution

We have a massive network of small to medium sized online retailers who collectively offer tremendous buying power. With this service, we serve as a distributor for you and buy from you in bulk and distribute your products through our network, including our own stores.

With this service we are your main point of contact so you don’t need to manage relationships with a bunch of different stores. We manage these relationships for you, and make sure each of our retail partners maintain the highest level of integrity and represent your brand in a positive fashion.

How it works:
We will analyze your product offering using more than 10 key data points that helps us identify excellent buying opportunities.
When we find these opportunities we make suggestions to our network of buyers on what they should buy through us.
We purchase the products from you
You ship the products to our warehouse.
We prepare the products and have them shipped into Amazon on our retail partners behalf.

This means we’re helping you sell a higher percentage of your skus. Just by increasing the percentage of the skus that you’re currently selling on the marketplace can have a dramatic impact on your company in a positive way.

Additionally we understand the importance of maintaining MAP pricing, so we will help you enforce MAP pricing or in the event you don’t have MAP yet, we will help out a MAP policy in place for your company.

Services - Wholesale Distribution - Store Maanagement - eCom Solutions


How well does your brand stack up to some of the brands that have fully embraced E-Commerce?

Through our brand audit we’ll dive into your brand and analyze your digital assets including your images, product titles and descriptions and help you identify exactly what you need to do in order to be competitive in the online marketplaces.

We will deliver over to you, our recommendations on how you can grade as an A+ as well as how you can take your new brand assets to be omnichannel and sell everywhere people are buying online.

Services - Wholesale Distribution - Store Maanagement - eCom Solutions