Spend less time manually tracking down order details and more time knowing how profitable your business is!
Work Smarter, Not Harder!
Stop wasting time copying and pasting information from your orders onto some tacky spreadsheet that isn't secure. Automating the process of collecting your orders data will free you up to spend more time on
the income producing activities of sourcing more products to
make more sales!

Using the E-Com Solutions orders management center will cut down substantially on time spent it takes manually attempting to gather all order information which can be the difference between healthy metrics and an account in jeopardy!

Full Scale Order Management
Order Sorting Functionality
You have full control over your orders and can easily track the progress of every single order. You have the ability to sort every single order based on:
  •   Marketplace
  • Date Range
  • Order Status
  • Who sourced the product
  • Who processed the order
Shipment Tracking and Validation
Stay ahead of shipping errors or problems by using the E-Com Shipment tracking function.

 You can easily track the status of every single product that ships from your store to ensure proper delivery of your orders! You can even track your returns, to ensure you get your money back after processing a return, once a product is received by the supplier!

The best part about this feature is that it will also confirm the shipment in Amazon with the tracking number and carrier!!  No more having to worry about confirming shipments in Amazon manually!
Have you ever calculated how much it actually costs to constantly be looking for tracking numbers and updating Amazon once the package actually ships? 

Well E-Com Solutions will grab all tracking numbers that are sent to your gmail account and update E-Com without you having to manually check your emails and looking for tracking numbers.  

After we scrape your Gmail account for the tracking information, the shipment and tracking automation takes over and updates Amazon and confirms the shipment when it is in transit.  All you have to do is integrate your gmail accounts and process the order and E-Com does the rest.
Track Your Profitability
Sort your orders and E-Com Solutions will total up your key performance indicators on profitability including any refunds issued to your buyers.
Ready to get started?
Discover how you can use E-Com Solutions to automate repetitive inventory management, organize all your orders, and help you identify profitable products to sell. 
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