Why guess on ROI when you can know?
Better decisions through data
Gone are the days when you had to put your message out there and hope for the best. Now you can measure exactly how your store and the people working for your are performing. For every single aspect of your business, E-Com will allow you to track how profitable your suppliers are, all the way down to each person who works for you and their productivity!
Dashboard Gives You a Snapshot!

Forget monster spreadsheets, best-guess efforts, and other clunky ways of measuring your store.

E-Com Solutions climbs through several data points to paint a picture of what’s happening in your business. Our dashboard view gives you a quick snapshot of your business including:

  •   Total products listed for sale on your marketplace
  •    How many orders have been processed
  •    Pending orders that need to be processed
  •    Shipped orders
  •    Your best suppliers
  •    Order totals by month
Suppliers Sales Reports
Knowing where your profits are coming from is critical to growing your business. We make it easy for you to know exactly which suppliers are producing the most "bang for the buck" for your business.

Our Suppliers Sales Reports include:
  • Total Units
  • Gross Sales 
  • Total Net Margin
  • Transparency on Your Profit Generated
Sourcing Analyst Sales Reports
As your team grows, you will want to know how profitable each member who is sourcing products is. E-Com Solutions gives you this information that will show you exactly how many sales each person has made, and how profitable those sales are! 
  • Complete transparent view of who is producing for you
  • Discover which merchants your sourcing analysts are having the most success with
  • Select any date range you would like to be able to review
  • Complete analysis including profit and net margin
Order Reports

You will even have the ability to see which people on your staff are capable of processing the most orders! The more information you have, the better decisions you can make as a business owner!

Ready to get started?
Discover how you can use E-Com Solutions to automate repetitive inventory management, organize all your orders, and help you identify profitable products to sell. 
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